My Design Policy

When getting a cover done it will be done within 2 weeks of order. You will have to make the first half payment upfront and half after or you can pay all at once. I will work with you personliy until you love your cover. All covers are done so you can use for ebooks or printed books as well. (No refunds)We do not give out the PSDs to any covers, sorry.

My Materials

I buy all my stock online or I create it from my own resourses.

If you do not like the stocks we provide for a cover and

request other stock along the way,there will be an extra

charge for all new stock you wish for your cover. We do

have a design budget of every cover, if you have your

own stock the prices are the same.

Cover Art done by Char Adlesperger

Wicked Cover Designs

Book Covers, eBook Covers, Web Banners, Print Ads, T-shirts, and more!

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